Where To Surf

Here is some information about where to surf at different levels.  
2.9 Wet Bottom
2.8-3.0 Odeck
3.2-3.8 Maryland Chute
3.4-3.9 Virginia Chute
3.8-4.3 Rocky Island
3.6-3.8 Odeck
4.2-5.1 Offutt Wave
5.5-6.0 Center Chute
7.5 Skull island

Virginia Chute
3.74 Absolutely perfect for the RS 6'11, RS 8'0, or the MVP.  Great fun level.
3.86 Very good on the RS 6'11, or the RS 8'0.  Not sure about the MVP.
3.9 Getting soft.  Hard to stay in.  RS 8'0  probably the best call.

Maryland Chute 

3.2 Not that much water moving.  MVP is ok.  It's boney, but can be done.  River Surfer 6'11 is also ok.  Watch for dings!
3.5 Lots of water moving.  MVP for sure.
3.75 Perfect on an MVP.  Great, trashy hole.
3.86 Not good on anything.  Too much water moving.

2.8 Ok to play around.  Either the MVP, or better yet the 8.0 river surfer.
3.6-3.8 Best levels.

Center Chute Ledge and Hole
4.38 Not good, but this is really no man's land, so bring the MVP or 8.0RS (with all fins)
5.85 Great level.  River Surfer 8.0 is perfect.
6.03 Great level.  Big board is fine.

Wet Bottom
2.82 The 8'0 is the board.  Vids are on youtube.  Jon Mengenhauser got the 6'11 in, but 8'0 is the better call.  Cobra got MVP in but it's very slow getting in there.  Frank rides the 9'0 MVP in here, so does Eric.
2.91 About the highest you can get in here.  Need the 8'0.   Frank rides the MVP, so does Eric.

Offut Wave 
4.4 RS is better than the MVP at this level.  Click here to see a video of the wave at this level.
4.48 Either MVP or RS 6'11.  Watch out for the rock on river left!  Great wave at this level.  (3.30.13)
4.54 Perfect for the 6'11 RS, or the MVP.  Rock shows, but not a big deal.  Great level.  
4.8 RS 6'11 or MVP.  A bit of a hole, but either board is fine.
4.9 RS 6'11 or MVP.  A bit of a hole, but either board is fine.
4.94 RS 6'11 or MVP.  A bit of a hole, but either board is fine.
5.04 Super fun level.  Still a hole, but either board is fine.  (Almost possible to spin a 3 not eh 6'11 at this level.)  
5.1 Lots of water moving.  Best for the MVP, not the River Surfer.  More of a hole.
5.2 Very very mushy.  Probably the upper limit.  MVP is the best shot, but not great.

Rocky Island
4.02 Wave is excellent. 
4.12 Boney to go left. Don't.  Wave is good.
4.19 Ok to go to the left from Sandy Beach.  Wave is great.  Click here to see a video of the wave at 4.2.
 4.3 Ok to go left.  Perfect level.  

Skull Island
7.5 Tons of water moving, but definitely can be surfed.  Big board for sure.

Wetsuit Suggestions:
Water = 46 degrees, air = 54 degrees, 3.2 with hood is fine.
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